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Squaw Valley Ranch CCA’s 2015 TESA recipient

Winnipeg, MB - The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) is pleased to announce Squaw Valley Ranch of British Columbia as the 2015 recipient of The Environmental Stewardship Award (TESA). The ranch is operated by Darrell Squair and his wife Doris Squair along with their son Travis and daughter-in-law Katie. They received the award this evening in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in an awards ceremony during the President’s Reception at the CCA’s 2015 Semi-Annual Meeting.

Darrell and his wife Doris thanked the other provincial environmental stewardship award winners and fellow TESA nominees as they accepted the TESA award. “We’re very honoured to be chosen for this award. We would like to thank everyone and especially the other provincial TESA nominees for their continued work towards environmental stewardship,” said Darrell. “A healthy environment is a sustainable environment that everyone will be able to enjoy today as well as for future generations,” he added.

CCA Environment Committee Chair Bob Lowe presented the Squairs with local artwork and a belt buckle. “The Squairs have shown their firm commitment to environmental stewardship, doing an excellent job in caring for the land and co-existing with wildlife.”

Squaw Valley Ranch was selected for their exceptional commitment to the environment, having led their local community by completing one of the first Environmental Farm Plans in the area (two of the Squair's satellite properties, Rawlings Lake Property and Shuswap River Property, have completed Environmental Farm Plans), as well as their commitment to ensuring their ability to co-exist with grizzly bears in particular. It was Doris’s parents, the late Art and Mona Chambers, viewpoint that all animals should co-exist. The ranch has grown from the original 320 acre, 60 head outfit but predator issues remain non-existent with the cattle sharing the land with the grizzlies. The Squairs have committed to a no-hunting philosophy on their private land and the goal of the ranch is to continue in the preservation of its surroundings where future generations can participate and appreciate a vision that has taken years to develop.

Located near Lumby, B.C. in a secluded valley, Squaw Valley Ranch includes 2,800 acres of private land, 700 acres of leased land and thousands of acres of sub-alpine Crown range. The 500 head ranch is surrounded by a 1,300 acre woodlot, which preserves the integrity of the environment and helps sustainability. Environmental stewardship is a key philosophy of the ranch.

A custom designed hydro-electric dam built in 1989 to provide a more efficient environmentally friendly power source still provides electricity to the ranch to this day.

About TESA

The CCA’s national annual award, TESA has recognized the outstanding stewardship efforts of Canadian beef producers since 1996.

Thank you to our Platinum Sponsor MNP for sponsoring the TESA program.

For further information, contact:
Fawn Jackson
Manager of Environment & Sustainability

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