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What should I Expect to Pay for Irrigation Licensing Fees?

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The agriculture irrigation rate is $0.85 per 1000 m3. The minimum charge for a water licence rental is $50 (equivalent to 58823 m3 or 47 acre feet).

The Ministry of Agriculture has compiled this reference table  showing some examples of fees for the agricultural irrigation rate. The table shows a variety of licence volumes and what those estimated fees will be.

Other Tools and Information available to you about Licensing Groundwater:

  1. Water Rent Estimator - an online tool to help users estimate their fees
  2. Frequently Asked Questions about Water Rental Fees
  3. BCCA's Helpful Hints for Applying for a Groundwater Licence

If you require assistance in completing your Groundwater Licence, please contact FrontCounterBC Toll Free at 1.877.855.3222.